In addition to the design and management of tourism destinations video platforms and video marketing, we have a very strong knowhow about the production of professional 4K films, documentaries and video.

We can therefore produce professional 4K videos about your business / destinations.

The following steps structure our 4K film production, from initial concept to delivery:



This 1st stage is the occasion to finalise the general concept that will guide the project. It implies research and exploration of a small number of implementation alternatives to define the film’s universe. The research phase of the project consists in agreeing with our client which type of rendering works is best for the project’s objectives.

This includes understanding your target audience and infusing our own ideas from professional experience that will help you to accomplish your goals.

Every project is unique. Some are complex, some simple and some require a quick turnaround. We can adjust the schedule and our video production services to meet your requirements.

We’ll typically start with 5 questions:

  • What is the total number of tourist visiting your country
  • What are the 5 main citizenships of those tourists
  • What does your country have that other competing countries don’t?
  • Who is your targeted audience?
  • What are you trying to communicate



This 2nd stage consists in gathering all raw materials that will be used to compose the video. It includes, for example, producing the animation material, if any, filming interviews or other video material, recording voice over and soundtrack. Once the production stage is completed, all building blocks of the film are at hand and ready to be assembled as a coherent whole.

We shoot with the latest modern equipment to produce the highest image quality. We only utilize Ultra High Definition (4K) cameras that produce incredible results enabling you to present your business in many different media such as TV (broadcast) or for the web (websites and social media).



This 3rd stage consists in putting together all film elements to compose the final edit. Audio synchronisation, voice over integration, titles and subtitles insertion, colour corrections, and other final touches will achieve to give birth to a unique product.

Once finalised the project is exported to the appropriate formats (e.g. for large format projection and/or online viewing) and made ready for delivery.



Once the film is approved as final, your new video production may be broadcast on national television stations, on tourism channels in hotels, streamed on an internet  website or cable TV or be presented at a tradeshow via USB devices. Whatever format you decide to distribute your video, we take care to make sure the presentation is completed in the most efficient and best quality possible..

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