Here are the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

I do not have yet a video about my business. May I however be on your website with photos?

Yes. We will transform your set of quality photos into a interesting slider. You will also have space for a description of your business and for your business coordinates. Click here for more information.

Can I stream my videos on this website?

Yes. Videos have to be HD or 4K and you must have full copyright for the images and the music (if any).

Click here if you are a private sector stakeholder.
Click here if you are a Board of Tourism or a Ministry.

What is the cost for streaming my video on this website?

The cost is very low (the equivalent a few US$ per month with a single annual instalment).

Click here if you are a private sector stakeholder.
Click here if you are a Board of Tourism or a Ministry.

Can you produce a very high quality video about my business?

Yes. Caribbean Dream Destinations specialise in creating 4K videos that capture the imagination of potential clients and deliver new business to you.

A picture speaks a thousand words and a video can pass on a message worth millions of words in just a few seconds.

  • 4K images reveal so much more nuance and detail. They are sharper and more engaging. They are 4 times the resolution of HD images.
  • Filming from different angles of view; we film from the islands, from the sky (drone) and underwater (diving). We can also film from a boat.

See: 4K Video Production

What is the cost of producing a 4K video about my business?

It is affordable for everyone.

The cost depends on the type of video you want, its duration if a specific music and/or a voice-over is used, etc. Prices start from 55US$ per month.

Prices always include both the production of the 4K video and the streaming of the video on our website and social media, etc.  We produce the video and organise the video marketing.

For payments, is a single annual installment.

Click here if you are a private sector stakeholder.
Click here if you are a Board of Tourism or a Ministry.

Contact us for more information

Can you assist in video marketing my business?

Yes we can.

If you do not have yet a video but only photos about your business, we will transform them into a slider streamed on our website via the creation of a page specific to your business. More…

If you already have your own videos, we will assist you for the search engines optimisation and will stream your video on our website (via the creation of a page specific to your business), on our social media, etc. More…

If you would like us to produce a professional 4K video which will increase dramatically your visibility, let us know. More…

What is your comparative advantage in relation to other video producers?

Our key competitive advantages are as follows:

  • Desing of several web-based video platforms (WikiTravelFrance, ToutParisEnVideo, ArdècheVideo  and now CaribbeanDreamDestinations)
  • Video Marketing (more than 3 million viewed videos on our YouTube channels)
  • Video production (more than 500 HD and 4K videos already produced)

The big difference with any competitor is that in addition to the professional 4K video production, we assist in the video marketing by streaming 4K and HD videos on our website, our YouTube channel, our Facebook page, our Twitter account, etc.

Last but not least, we also inform the international press, the international travel agencies, travel bloggers, etc., via our video newsletter.

What is the visibility of Caribbean Dream Destinations?

Caribbean Dream Destination visibility is expected to be expresses in millions of viewed videos.

We already designed several web-based video platforms and the related YouTube channels are now displaying some 3 million viewed videos.

In travel, you are selling an experience, an emotion and a feeling; Video is the best medium to convey this. It creates a faster emotional connection than any other channel.

Caribbean Dream Destination is the largest web-based video platform for the promotion of the Caribbean as a tourism and cultural destination.

Can you assist tourism private sector stakeholders?

Yes we can. We have 3 key services:
1) We help in increasing the visibility of your existing videos. If you do not have a video about your business, we can produce a slider based on photos. More…

2) We  produce professional 4K  videos about your business using different angles of view (terrestrial, aerial, underwater and from a sailing boat).

3) We assist in video marketing your business via our channels, website and social media (millions of viewed videos).

Can you assist Hotels & Tourism Association?

Yes. We can definitely assist Hotels and Tourism Associations.
1) We help your members in increasing the visibility of their existing videos.
2) We produce for your members professional 4K videos about their  busines & activitiess using different angles of view (terrestrial, aerial, underwater and when necessary from a sailing boat).
3) We assist in video marketing your members via our channels, website and social media (millions of viewed videos).
4) Special discount will be granted to your members when Hotel & Tourism association gather a significant amount of members interest. Contact us for more information.

Can you assist Boards of Tourism?

Yes we definitely can. We invite all Boards of Tourism in the Caribbean to be on board and work with us to maximize their visibility.

  • We Assist Boards of Tourism in improving the search engine optimisation of their existing videos. We will analyse them (display resolution, titles, description texts and what should be the related “Google writing”, key words, playlists and other YouTube channel parameters) and optimize them for search engines. More…
  • We provide them with recommendations for optimizing their video marketing. More…
  • We can also produce professional 4K videos about cultural heritage, landscapes, diving, sailing, other activities, etc., for a better promotion of the country as an astounding tourism destination. More…
Is Caribbean Dream Destinations a private body or an official institution?

Caribbean Dream Destinations is a totally independent and non-profit making filming and video marketing organisation.

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